Valentine’s Day Extra: Q & A


I decided to have some fun with today’s blog. So I had my Street Team, Cain Raisers pose some questions for the characters in Saving Evangeline and Tempting Jo.  Questions were censored to not give away the books. They’re impatient to answer, so here we go!


Luc: Why does he get to go first?

Remi: I’m her favorite.

Rafe: *looks bored*

Nancee: I pulled names out of a hat. No one is a favorite. Let’s get started.

Remi, you use an in-your-face approach with Evie. Were you ever afraid it was too much?

Remi: Nope. She needed it. I had to snap her out of her depression so she could see how beautiful life is. I mean, you all have it pretty great down here. Fast cars, cigarettes, carnival rides–

Luc: Fast women, don’t forget the fast women…

All three angels nod and grin. Jo and Evie glare at Luc.

*thunder booms* All three angels shift uncomfortably.

Evangeline: Great, I hope my hair doesn’t frizz if it rains. And let me just add, Remi can be a real ass at times.

Rafe and Luc laugh.

Remi: Hold on Crazy Girl, let me finish. Plus, I had to shake her up. I mean, when I met her, that girl was a hot, stinkin’ mess. Literally. She stunk.

Evangeline: And you think your cigarettes smell good?

Remi, did you ever consider sticking around, maybe turning human?

Remi: Uh, well, yeah, being human might be fun. Except old man farts and nose hair. Not my style.

*Evangeline punches him on the arm*


Evangeline, what attracted you to Remi?

Evangeline: You’re joking, right? Look at him. He’s gorgeous. And that priest collar kinda makes him look even sexier. *winks*

Jo: *whispers* Rafe’s handsomer.

Luc: *rolls eyes* Puh-lease.

Evangeline: And he’s a pretty great listener. Even when he can be annoying as hell.

Luc: There’s nothing annoying about hell. Warm weather, hedonism, great place. You should visit sometime.


Jo, did you really feel a connection with Luc?

Jo: He really isn’t that bad.

Rafe and Remi: Yes, he is!

*sound of ruffling feathers*

Luc: I take offense to that remark, Jolene.

Jo, what is your favorite word of the week?

Jo: malapropism

Luc grins and Rafe kisses her.


Rafe, would you ever tell your kids about your past?

Jo: What past? What did you do? *narrows eyes* Do I need to open up a can of whoop-ass on someone?

Luc: Yep, him. *smirks and points at Rafe*

Rafe: I don’t think parents need to reveal everything to their children. We’re all entitled to some secrets. *glares at Luc*

Jo: What secrets, Rafe?!

Rafe whispers in Jo’s ear. Jo blushes.

Jo: Next question.

Rafe, did you truly worry you’d lose Jo?

Rafe: Of course, not.

*thunder rumbles*

Luc: Liar. When is it my turn for questions? I’m bored with Mr. Goody-Two-Shoes.


Luc, what is one TRUTH about yourself that people would find hard to believe?

Luc: *imitates Jack Nicholson* and quotes, ‘You can’t handle the truth!’ (from A Few Good Men)

Rafe: You wouldn’t know the truth if it bit you in the ass.

Remi: Okay, Cowboy

Luc *high fives* Remi.

Luc, did you develop true affection for Jo?

Luc: I refuse to answer on the grounds that anything I say, can and will be, used against me.

Jo winks, nods and grins.

Rafe snarls.

Remi and Evangeline snicker.

Luc, do you have any regrets?

Everyone turns their attention toward Luc.

Luc: Next question, please.

Nancee taps her foot, waiting. Luc glares.

Luc: Oh, all right. Once, there was this attractive redhead…

Nancee interrupts.

Luc, what are your base thoughts about females?

Luc: Why do I get all the hard questions? I love women. I think they’re beautiful and fun to fu– *thunder booms*

Remi, Rafe and Luc, do you ever go through spiritual crises?

Rafe: Of course. We all have fears, low points, anger, doubts. Without doubt, there isn’t true faith. They aren’t mutually exclusive. As a matter of fact, they go hand in hand. How could we, as angels, understand the human condition without experiencing it?

Remi: What he said.

Luc: Much as I hate agreeing with him, ditto.

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Forbidden love is hell…

Confident and quirky, Jo Sanford thinks her boss is God’s gift to women–and she couldn’t be further from the truth. Devilishly handsome, Luc DeVille will stop at nothing to lure his administrative assistant right into his arms–and bed.

Over Rafe Goodman’s dead body…

Rafe, Jo’s best friend, refuses to sit by and watch as Luc tries to win the heart of the woman he’s always protected. After all, Rafe is her guardian angel. Suddenly, Jo’s caught in the middle of a battle between good and evil. But the closer she gets to the fire, the hotter it burns. Now, Jo’s going to learn that when love battles lust, Heaven and Hell collide.

This is my second paranormal romance novel. It’s a standalone but some of the same meddlesome characters from Saving Evangeline help poor Rafe deal with the headstrong Jolene with hilarious results.


Ladies and gentleman, Nancee Cain does it again! I just LOVE the way she writes about angels and make them seem so human.” —Beauty and the Beastly Book Blog

“…her stories really make you feel genuine emotions. At first I was half in-lust with Luc and I can totally understand Jo’s fascination with him, but Rafe….. oh brother! I want my own guardian angel and he must be just like him!! ” — Kat Loves Books Blog

When one of your fave authors decides to write a second book about angels and that second book is absolutely Beyond everything you were expecting. When you have twists you didn’t see coming. When you laugh and cry at the same time and can’t choose between Rafe or Luc. You know the author did an amazing job.” –Beverly

Nancee Cain has delivered another 5 star emotionally packed story.” –Chele

Nancee Cain Tempts Readers with her quirky heroines, hot-as-sin angels, southern charm, and cheeky humor.”– Jennifer







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Evangeline is the town pariah. Everyone knows she’s crazy and was responsible for the death of her last boyfriend. Even her mother left her and moved cross-country. Lonely and desperate, Evie decides to end her life.

Rogue angel Remiel longs to return to earth, but there’s just one problem. He tends to invite trouble and hasn’t been allowed back since Woodstock. The Boss sends him to save Evangeline, but there’s a catch: he can’t reveal his angelic nature, and he must complete the task as Father Remiel Blackson.

Forced together on a cross-country trip, a forbidden romance ignites and love unfolds. A host of heavenly messengers tries to intervene, but Remiel and Evangeline are headed on a collision course to disaster. Will his love save her, or will they both be lost forever?


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Bonus Scene for Saving Evangeline

As a new author, I am humbled by the response to my first novel, Saving Evangeline. This past week I hit a personal milestone. I have 75 reviews on Amazon. To thank my readers, I’m giving you a bonus scene with our favorite bad boy angel who’s been sent to save Evangeline but has to do it disguised as a priest. So without further ado…

“I’m hot.” I have the window down because Remi’s smoking. I glance in the side mirror, disheartened. My hair looks like I styled it with an eggbeater.

“Quit nagging, Evangeline. And if you’d roll up the window, the air conditioner would work better.”

“Well quit smoking.”

“I’ll quit when you stop griping. Since I know that isn’t going to
happen, I probably need to pick up a carton when we get gas.”

“Maybe you should pray about it,” I snipe back. “Can we please stop and stretch our legs? If I don’t get out of this car for a few minutes I’m going to go to jail for murder.”

“Orange isn’t your color, Crazy Girl.”

“Well at least get back on the interstate, I’m sick of small towns, Father.

“Fine, if it’ll shut you up.”

He does a U-turn and immediately blue lights flicker behind us. Dumbass. He’s done an illegal turn in front of on an unmarked police car.

“Leave me the keys when they haul your ass to jail. You’ll probably look great in orange,” I quip with a smug smile.

“No one’s going to jail. It might help if you’d start crying.”


“Cry,” he hisses. “You know, sob, wail, blubber or weep. You should be a pro at it by now.”

“I know what the word means, asshole.” Although I’ve cried way too many times in front of this priest, for the life of me, I can’t summon the tears. I find the entire situation hysterically funny.

He runs a finger around his collar and sweat beads his brow. Hiding my laughter in my hands, I peek through my fingers, not wanting to miss this for anything. Let’s see how the glib Father talks his way out of this one.

The officer peers in the car, and his eyebrows lift at the sight of Remi’s collar. “Uh, sorry, Father. You just did an illegal U-turn.”

“I did, didn’t I? I’m sorry. I wasn’t paying attention because I was comforting this distraught young lady.”

Lady? My shoulders shake with my repressed laughter. He pats me on the back more forcefully than I think necessary.

“There, there, Evie. Don’t worry. The officer is just doing his job.”  He hands his license through the window. I snort and hiccup trying to contain my giggles.  Reaching for the registration and proof of insurance, Remi pinches my leg, making me yelp.

“Everything all right, miss?”

Keeping my face covered, I shake my head. If he sees my face, I’ll be busted for lying. I suck at poker.

“This poor child has led a sinful life and is full of repentance. I, uh, saw the sign over there and thought we’d give it a try. My way doesn’t seem to be working, bless her heart.”

Oh no, he didn’t. Every Southerner knows the phrase bless her heart is always offered with a healthy side of sarcasm.

The officer glances behind him. “It’s a non-denominational church, not Catholic, Father. You need to go about thirty miles up the road to find your kind.”

“My kind? Would you like to discuss the theology of forgiveness, son?”

Remi’s condescending tone sends me over the edge. Real tears now streak down my face as I bite my lip to the point of pain trying to control my laughter.

“No, sir, but—”

“You’re concerned about a U-turn. I’m concerned about the direction this poor unfortunate’s soul is taking.” Remi leans out the window and stage whispers, “If we don’t get her some help now, she may very well spend all of eternity at a permanent barbeque, if you know what I mean. Do you want that on your conscience?”

I hunch over and scream with laughter.

The poor cop jumps back at least six feet. “Dear Lord above, does she need an exorcism?”

“She might, you volunteering to help?”

“No sir, I’m Baptist. Y’all go on now.”

“Thank you. I’ll say an extra novena for you.” He rolls up the window and waves as the cop drives past.

I’m laughing so hard my side hurts. “You’re going to hell.”

“Nah, I’m not leaving without you.”

He takes my hand in his and gives it a gentle squeeze. At this moment I’d follow him to hell gladly. I can’t imagine my life without him. To my surprise he pulls into the parking lot of the non-denominational church.

“What are you doing?”

He points at the sign. Drive thru prayer.

“You’re joking, right?”

“You wouldn’t want me to bear the sin of lying would you?”

“You just said that stuff to get out of a ticket.”

“Tell me something. Where will you spend eternity?”

I roll my eyes. “In the dirt, rotting. Or hell.”

He sighs and taps the steering wheel with his thumbs. “Maybe this will convince you otherwise. It appears open and no waiting. Let’s go. Besides, they offer a free carwash with every prayer, too.”

He drives up to a window that looks like a bank teller. A young man looks up from his Bible and smiles.

“Well hello, uh, Father, sir.”

“Just Remi is fine. We’re all in this together, right?”

“I guess so?” The guy looks to be my age or younger. “My name is John. What can I do for y’all? Do you have a specific prayer request?”

“Well John, you look like you have a good head on your shoulders.” Remi snickers at his own joke while poor guy’s eyes practically bug out of his head. “I’d like to order a prayer for salvation, to go.”

“A prayer for salvation to go?”

“That’s what I said. Can we get super fast delivery? She’s on the fast track to hell. Just ask her.”

I punch him in the arm.

“Ow. She’s violent, too. Did you see that? Better make it a double, John.” He grins. “I’d ask for a side of fries, but that’s what we’re trying to avoid. She thinks she’s gonna be a crispy critter.”

John leans forward, hands on the glass and looks all around us. “Am I being punked?”

An older gentleman steps into the booth. I have to wonder if John pressed some sort of emergency prayer button or something for back up.

“Punked?” Remi turns to me. “What’s that mean?” he whispers.

“He thinks you’re playing a trick on him,” I gasp between giggles.

“Father.” The gray haired man greets him. “I’m Brother Forsythe, the pastor here, can I help you?”

I laugh and motion Remi to drive off. “Just go, we need to get out of here.”

“No, we came for prayer, so prayer we’re gonna get,” Remi insists.

The minister frowns, and his white bushy brows knit together. “Sir, is this some sort of hazing prank? If it is, you need to just move along. We take the Lord very seriously here.”

“Oh I’m sure you do.” Remi nods with a smug smirk. “But trust me, Bubba; no one has a better sense of humor than The Boss.”

The younger guy smirks as the pastor gasps his outrage.

Remi leans toward the window. “I mean think about it. Look at the poor platypus and aardvark. What’s up with them?”

“Son, I think you two need to move on.”

“Let me get this straight, I’ve gone from Father, to sir, to son. Are you refusing to serve us?”

“I don’t appreciate mockery of my religion or foolishness,” the pastor huffs.

Words from the mouth of the wise are gracious, but fools are consumed by their own lips. See? We’re on the same page, Brother. Except I don’t think you’re being very gracious. We’ll leave, but I want my free carwash.”

The poor man looks ready to stroke. John grins and the drawer opens with a token, which Remi palms. He offers a quick blessing and makes the sign of the cross. By the time we pull away, John is fanning Brother Forsythe.

I finally let loose laughing. “I don’t think I’m the one going to hell.”

He grins. “Me either. Luc wouldn’t put up with your woe-is-me bullshit and he certainly doesn’t want that sanctimonious poop. Let’s get this free car wash. We earned it listening to that pompous guy. Besides, they’re fun.”

“You’re so silly.” I can’t stop grinning. I realize I’m enjoying myself. Life has certainly been less gloomy since I met the sexy priest.

A few blocks away we find Carl’s Christian Carwash: Where Cleanliness is Next to Godliness.

“Look at that!” Remi points to the colored suds on the windshield, but I’m looking at him. He stares at me, and I’m mesmerized by the flickering flames in his pupils. The air in the car sizzles with a sexual awareness that’s undeniable.

“Evangeline…” His breathing sounds harsh and the longing I feel is mirrored in his face.

“I want to consume your foolish lips, Father,” I whisper, tracing the outline of his mouth with my thumb.

He smiles and leans toward me. “I graciously accept.” My breath catches. It’s finally happening, what I’ve daydreamed about since meeting this man. His lips tentatively explore mine and then take what I freely give.

It’s the kiss to end all kisses, a toe curling, breath stealing, soul consuming kiss. I’ve wanted this and anticipated it more then a five-year-old waiting on Santa to visit. It’s even better than my dreams, a deep connection that rocks me to the center of my being. He’s my missing heart.

He sighs. I pull away as the enormity of what we’ve done crashes around us. Reality sucks. I can’t have him. “Damn you,” I whisper.

I look into his eyes and see pain mixed with desire. “Probably so.” He brushes my cheek with the back of his fingers. “But worth it.” He kisses me again, softer, gentler and whispers, “This is why you have to stick around, Crazy Girl. You’re mine for eternity, no matter what happens. Trust me.”

The car jolts and sunshine pours through the now sparkling windshield. The mood dissipates, but my happiness remains. For in this one stolen moment of happiness, I’ve found hope for the future. Just like a kid on Christmas Eve…
© 2016 Nancee Cain

If you’d like to view the book trailer for Saving Evangeline, please click this link:


If you’d like to hang out with me and other Cain Raisers, come join my street team! I offer giveaways there!

I consider myself a reader first, writer second. I’m still pinching myself to see if I’m dreaming. I want to thank all of you for your encouragement and support. Coming soon, Tempting Jo! This will be Rafe’s story.


¸.•´¸.•*´¨)✯ ¸.•*¨)

She’s hell bent on ending her life; he’s heaven sent to save her. But, there’s a catch. God’s rogue angel must complete the task disguised as a priest. A forbidden passion ignites, love unfolds and meddlesome angels from above attempt to intervene. Will Remiel’s love save Evangeline or cause them both to be lost forever?


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Saving Evangeline, an extra scene


I yawn, bored by the same old scenery and Remi’s crazy playlist. The one he loves to sing along with as he gives me a knowing smirk. Even though he has a beautiful voice, I’m tired of the same old songs.

“Can we listen to something else? You’re giving me a complex.”

“Truth hurt, Crazy Girl?” He snickers and switches the music. “Never say I didn’t give you anything.” He laughs at his own pathetic joke.

The Little Drummer Boy blasts through the speakers. I roll my eyes. “Christmas music? Really? It’s at least a hundred degrees out here.”

“Damn, you’re picky.” He turns the radio down. “What’s your favorite Christmas song?”

“What are you smoking?”

Remi laughs. “Just tobacco. I love Christmas music. Come on, surely you have a favorite. Let me guess Evie Emo. Blue Christmas.”

I smack his arm but laugh. “You’re such an ass.” I start to giggle, remembering a song my Daddy used to sing at Christmas. “Here’s one. It even reminds me of you. Dominick The Italian Christmas Donkey.”

“Hmm, never heard that one. Sing it.”

I do, complete with donkey braying sounds. Goner joins in howling and barking. Remi winces. “I bet you never had a solo in the Christmas pageant, did you?”

“No. I was always the angel. I just had to stand there and look all innocent and shit.” I bite my lip and snicker, remembering the infamous Christmas fiasco.

He raises one eyebrow. “Uh huh. I feel like there’s more to the story. What happened?”

“I didn’t want to do it, but my mother insisted. She still regrets it. I, uh may have gotten into a little fight with Mary.”

“This ought to be good. Over?”

“I wanted the baby Jesus. They were using my baby doll. It turned into a tug of war with the entire Sunday school involved. It became one of the best days ever. Total pandemonium broke loose with Sister Bernadette squawking like a chicken. Father Ashton ended up with a black eye.”

Remi laughs until tears run down his face. “So who won in the end?”

“Who do you think?” I grin but reflect fondly on the best part of the story. “That night I cried. Mama was embarrassed and livid. She told me if Santa even came to visit he’d only leave switches and coal. Later, Daddy kissed me good night and whispered for me not to worry, things always work out in the end.”

Remi takes my hand in his. “Your father was a smart man.”

“So what’s your favorite Christmas song?” I hold on to his hand, my thumb tracing the veins on the back of it. He has beautiful, strong hands. Mine look tiny by comparison.

“Hm. Company line would have me say Joy to the World. It’s a song about hope. Something we all need.” He gives me a pointed look before returning his gaze to the road.

He doesn’t say anything else for a moment. Sadness lurks at the corner of his eyes and he keeps his eyes on the road. “But actually, since meeting you, I’d say my favorite is All I Want for Christmas is You.”

Heat singes my cheeks and I smile. “It’s my favorite, too.” He pulls my hand to those lips I’ve fantasized about and presses a gentle kiss on top of it. Despite being the hottest part of summer, it suddenly feels like Christmas…

© Dec 2015 Nancee Cain

Merry Christmas! I hope you enjoyed the “bonus” scene. May your Christmas be full of love and wonder and your New Year full of hope. Book friends are best friends! xoxox Nancee


Evangeline is the town pariah. Everyone knows she’s crazy and was responsible for the death of her last boyfriend. Even her mother left her and moved cross-country. Lonely and desperate, Evie decides to end her life.

Rogue angel Remiel longs to return to earth, but there’s just one problem. He tends to invite trouble and hasn’t been allowed back since Woodstock. The Boss sends him to save Evangeline, but there’s a catch: he can’t reveal his angelic nature, and he must complete the task as Father Remiel Blackson.

Forced together on a cross-country trip, a forbidden romance ignites and love unfolds. A host of heavenly messengers tries to intervene, but Remiel and Evangeline are headed on a collision course to disaster. Will his love save her, or will they both be lost forever?

saving evangeline


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A Thank You Letter

Thanksgiving is one of my favorite holidays. I love getting together with family and sharing a meal without the stress of gift giving.  Not to mention, pumpkin pie! Yum!

This year I have a lot to be thankful for besides my family and friends. This is the year my dream came true. I published my first book, Saving Evangeline. And it ended up on the shelf at my local Barnes and Noble, The Summit in Birmingham, AL.11143216_1638247409749835_8072242315156521528_n

I’m thankful to Victoria Lea of the Aponte Literary Agency for being there with me on this roller coaster ride. She’s held my hand and fought for me when needed. I’m thankful to Omnific Publishing for taking a chance on an unknown author.

I’m  lucky to have Jill Odom as a critique partner. She knows when to push, what to correct, and how to take my dark humor. And she doesn’t spank me too hard when I overuse prepositional phrases.

I’m fortunate to belong to amazing RWA chapters (Southern Magic, Heart of Dixie and Georgia Romance Writers.) I learn something from every conference and meeting I attend. True friendships have been formed through these organizations. They provide more than continuing education, and I urge all aspiring romance writers to join.

Most of all I’m grateful to my family and friends for their love and support. They’ve seen (and endured) the black moments of despair and cheered the successes. The devoted hubby never complains about the time I spend at the computer. He takes care of me and always has. My daughter is not only my pride and joy, she’s my number one fan girl and cheerleader. I’m a lucky mom.

I am truly blessed by the friendships I’ve made through social media. Too many authors and bloggers to name have guided me though this crazy, sometimes overwhelming journey. Words will never be adequate to express my gratitude to them.

Last, but by no means least, my readers…I am still amazed by the outpouring of love and support you have shown me. Thank you for taking a chance on my story and for all the reviews. You humble me. You’ll never know how many times you’ve picked me up when I was low. Especially my Cain Raisers. You are quite simply the best street team ever. I love all of you.



My Dream Came True

FullSizeRenderIn my author’s life, I’ve had a lot of momentous occasions that were a reason to celebrate. The first being rejected on a manuscript I submitted. Why was that momentous? In RWA (Romance Writers of America) it means you’re “legit.” You did it, you completed a book and took the risk of submitting it to either an agent or publishers. With that first rejection, I was able to go PRO, which is a huge honor.

The next celebration occurred when a publisher listened to my pitch at the Romantic Times 2013 Convention and asked me to send the full manuscript. That led to “the call,”  a contract for  Saving Evangeline. In between the signing and publication were other notable milestones: surviving edits, the cover reveal, first reviews showing up on social media.

On the day of publication, despite having to be up at three in the morning for my other job, I stayed up until midnight to hit purchase. I sat there, in the dark, staring at my book on my e-reader, so proud I wanted to wake the world and show them. (Hubby wasn’t so lucky, he did get awakened)

But nothing compared to the surreal moment when I walked into Barnes & Noble and found my book on the shelf. And it wasn’t tucked away with just the spine showing. I felt like a kid on Christmas morning. It was that same feeling of awe. I’m sure the folks manning the security cameras had a good laugh at my awkward jump and dance for joy. I admit, my hands shook when I took it down and looked at it, careful not to crack the spine. bninstagram

This is the culmination of my dreams. And next week, I’ll be at this very Barnes & Noble, doing a book signing. If you’re in the area stop by, I’d love to meet you. We can talk about books and dreams. And I’ll have chocolate…





You can watch the book trailer here: