Life in the Fast Lane with Snarky

If you love Sylvain Reynard… You must read this!

SR's Florentine Series Fanbased podcast

A short time ago, Betty and Perling from The Gabriel Series podcast, Susie Steinle a fan of SR’s work from Oz, and I were sitting in a Pub and happened to run into his Snarkiness.  After a few Guinness’s (quite a few actually), he has agreed to speak to us, as long as it is in a pub, its ladies’ night and we could get him as many phone numbers as possible.

Betty, Perling, Susie and I are sitting at the bar having a nice conversation with Declan the barkeep, waiting on Snarky.  So many things we’ve wondered about him.  He is quite different in person, for one he has clothes on.  What is his beef with Sylvain Reynard?  What does he think of Raven? Julia? The Prince?  And of course the professor.  The place is getting crowded.

Snarky has now walked in the door and is…

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