Characters Spotlight: Evangeline and Remi’s Christmas Wish Lists from Saving Evangeline by Nancee Cain

What a fun blog! I love Carol and her blog! See what Evie and Remi want for Christmas!

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Hello again, everyone!!!

I’m so excited for Christmas!! I wait anxiously a whole year for it to come and when it does, it passes so quickly!

Saving Evangeline is another book that captivated me this year! I loved the way Nancee wrote it and her sense of humor. I wouldn’t say it’s a paranormal book even though it deals with angels, but it’s sone in such a way that it all feels so real! I’ll do a “Carol’s Impression” of it soon!!

Remi and Evangeline are the main characters and it was a pleasure to “meet” them! I’m so happy they left their letters to Santa here too!!!


I gotta say, I want to add Evie’s last item to my own Christmas gifts list! It’d definitely be something to wait for!! 🙂


Oh Remi!, I love how you are a man of few words, but you drive them straight to the point!!…

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