Mermaids, Rockers & Romance, An Interview and Giveaway with Author D. B. Sieders


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I was lucky enough to meet and interview D.B. Sieders at the Moonlight & Magnolias Georgia Romance Writers Conference. We discussed her new release, Lorelei’s Siren. (Southern Elemental Guardians Book 1) 


If Lorelei sings, someone will die.

Her beautiful voice once cost a life. Still, music is her passion. What’s a mermaid to do? Run off and live vicariously through mortal musicians!

Unfortunately, gorgeous rocker Vance Idol almost succumbs to her siren call after his show in Nashville. Not that Vance cares—not since his girlfriend’s fatal overdose left him with a supersized death wish. Lorelei makes it her mission to undo the damage and help this talented and charismatic man on the eve of his band’s big break.

But saving a mortal man is a dangerous proposition. Lorelei could far too easily lose her heart, and quite possibly her immortality, during her American holiday. Bad boy Vance might be worth the risk.

Can their love survive his attitude, her fins, and an evil Pixie with a grudge against them both?

I love this cover! What inspired you to write about mermaids?

I am such a sucker for mythology and legends. I find stories of larger-than-life immortal heroes, heroines, and how their struggles mirror universal human struggles so appealing! Greek and Norse myths have been done often and well, so I decided to explore some legends that hadn’t enjoyed the spotlight in recent literature. Mermaids fit the bill. They’re beautiful, alluring, yet dangerous creatures—on the one hand, they’re associated with music and healing. On the other, they’re portrayed as deadly creatures who lure unsuspecting mortals to their deaths. What a fascinating dichotomy!

So I imagined a mermaid cursed with a Siren call, one with the soul of a healer and a heartbreaking desire to sing. Who would be her ideal hero? Well, it would be a man who can sing and a man she can heal. Enter Vance Idol, recovering alcoholic with enough baggage to sink a luxury cruise liner.

She lives for song, but cannot sing without risking death for those who hear. He can sing, but his demons drive him to throw away his chance on the eve of his band’s big break. Can they survive all of this AND an evil air elemental force bent on destroying them both?

I’m a sucker for rocker romances and adding a mermaid is an interesting twist! If your book was made into a movie, who would be your dream cast for your hero and heroine?

Oh, what a fun question! Lorelei is lovely and lithe in her human form, with gorgeous raven hair and bright blue eyes. I could see the lovely and talented Liv Tyler in this role. Vance Idol is an Italian-American Rock God in the making, with dark hair, charisma, and sex appeal aplenty. British model David Gandy has the look, as does Adam Levine. And Adam Levine has the voice and stage presence, too!

Now here’s a little something extra from one of my ‘Mushroom Characters.’ The term, as defined by the incomparable Diana Gabaldon, is a character that pops up out of nowhere and steals any scene in which he/she appears.

Even though I keep reminding him that this isn’t his book (much to his dismay and disappointment, though he will be getting his own spotlight in Book 3), Bruce, a.k.a. Tianuwa, prince of the American sky elemental guardians (a.k.a. scene-stealing attention whore since he first came to life on the page) would be played by the handsome and charismatic Tom Hiddleston. He’s one hell of a ‘wingman’ for Vance and a true friend to Lorelei and her mermaid kin. He and Remi would definitely be best bros and get into all kinds of mischief together.

Please don’t encourage Remi! He doesn’t need any help in the mischief department. *grin* I can totally see Liv Tyler and Adam Levine in your movie.  So I have to ask, are you a fan of The Little Mermaid?

Hahahahaha! I never read the Hans Christian Andersen version, but Ariel is my favorite Disney princess. She’s sassy and is a dreamer who goes after what she wants. She struggles with who she is and who she wants to be, and, like Lorelei, she saves her hero. That’s very cool!

A huge thanks to D. B. for stopping by for a quick visit. Happy release day!

Buy link: Available from Amazon in eBook and paperback formats.


“I asked you nicely. Once. I won’t do it again.”

The woman didn’t flinch, but her gaze turned hard and held his without faltering. “You didn’t, Vance.”

“I didn’t what? By the way, what’s your name, sugar? Guess it must’ve slipped my mind since last night,” he added, smirking.

“I’m called Lorelei,” she said as she stood, forcing him to take a step back lest she knock him over. “And what you didn’t do was ask me nicely, but it doesn’t matter. You won’t find your phone, clothing, or the means to leave until I’m sure you’re fully healed.”

He maintained his glower but found himself at a bit of a loss. Though she was tall for a woman, he still outweighed her by at least fifty pounds of muscle. Most men he’d faced down during his time on the road would have cowered, but she clearly didn’t fear him.

Since he couldn’t persuade her by fear, he shifted tactics again, reverting to his preferred method of persuasion when faced with a difficult woman. It hadn’t failed him yet. He allowed his gaze to wander down her face to her full lips, and from there down along the slender column of her neck. Her audible swallow and the bob in her throat made him smirk with satisfaction. When his gaze fell to the swell of her breasts, he grew hard again and knew she’d read the heat in his gaze when it returned to her face.

He definitely saw heat in hers.

He moved past her, taking care to brush his skin against her bare arms, and sat down on the bed. He reclined and stretched his body, allowing the towel that covered his lower half to come loose. Plastering a smile on his face, one that charmed most women right out of their panties, he said, “Well if you really want to make sure I’m healed, Lorelei, I guess you’d best get on with your examination.”


Untitled2D.B. Sieders was born and raised in East Tennessee and spent her childhood hiking in the Great Smoky Mountains, wading barefoot in creeks, and chasing salamanders, fish, and frogs. She and her family loved to tell stories while sitting around the campfire.

Those days of frog chasing sparked an interest in biology. She is a working scientist by day, but never lost her love of telling stories. Now, she’s a purveyor of unconventional fantasy romance featuring strong heroines and the heroes who strive to match them. Her heroes and heroines face a healthy dose of angst as they strive for redemption and a happily ever after, which everyone deserves.

D.B. Sieders lives in Nashville, Tennessee with her husband, two children, two cats, and her very active imagination.

You can find D.B. Sieders on her Website, Twitter, Facebook, and Goodreads.


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