The party is over and yet it’s just begun…


I’m at my computer with a purring cat in my lap and a cup of coffee, enjoying the peace and quiet. The party is over. Saving Evangeline has celebrated her 2 month book “birthday.” In my musings with my husband (who still doesn’t quite understand the publishing industry) I likened it to a “coming out party.” Who hasn’t read a regency novel where the debutante is released into society? I’m the doting “parent” praying for my “baby’s success. Saving Evangeline was well-received and has had many successful “dates” with blogs and blog takeovers. (They are crazy busy but loads of fun.)

But then the excitement starts to die down. Where, as an author, do I go from here? Rankings drops off, sales drop off… other books become the center of attention. As an author, I can handle it many ways. I can get depressed and lament the fact I’m not a NY Times Bestselling author. I can whine. (I admit I’ve done that, I’ve noticed during those times the Devoted Hubby isn’t wearing his hear aid, smart man!) Or I can reflect on what I’ve accomplished and learned, enjoy my modicum of success and get busy writing.

I’m choosing the last option. Yes, launching a book is expensive and time consuming. Yes, it’s a frustrating roller coaster of emotions. Sure, I’ve cried and beat my fist on the desk over things I have no control over. But the rewards far outweigh any of the heartache. Why? Because I have gained something much more valuable. New friends. Other authors, bloggers and more importantly, readers. I’m still amazed when a reader reaches out to me and tells me how much they loved my book. I almost do the *look over the shoulder* thing and whisper, “You’re talking to ME?” I have a street team of core friends/readers who bolster me up when I’m down. We don’t just talk about my book. That would be boring. We discuss other books. We post silly pictures, jokes and eye candy. Lots of eye candy. And we’re there for each other. We celebrate birthdays and mourn losses and worry about illnesses. I love this core group and can’t thank them enough for their support. They mean the world to me. While the initial “party” is over… the friendships formed will last a lifetime. I hope to meet everyone in person some day.

It’s the morning after. I raise my coffee cup and salute the Cain Raisers. You all are, quite simply, the best. Book friends are indeed best friends.



If anyone is interested in joining us, you can find us here: CAIN RAISERS