Saving Evangeline by Nancee Cain

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Sleepless Nights Book Review

Have you ever read a book and the moment you finished, you knew you had to reach out to the author and let them know how much you loved it.?  That was this book for me.

This novel starts with with the angel Remiel, who  is being sent back to Earth to save Evangeline.  Now, this is the first time that Remi has been sent to Earth since the little mishap he had at Woodstock.  And the twist to this is he can’t tell Evangeline that he is an angel AND he must do this as a priest.    A priest that is very hot and with a set of abs that are heaven sent!  Now, Evie is battling her some demons and she is on the threshold of making life altering decisions.

The way Remi handles his “Crazy Girl” is  an in your face approach with a dash of…

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