Happy Father’s Day

daddyMy father is brilliant. Seriously. He’s published and more famous in his field than I’ll ever be as a romance writer. Medical students can quote his work and stand in awe of him. But, to me, he was just Daddy. The man who read the comics to me on Sundays and pounded the table trying to explain why 2+2 had to equal 4.

neverfallAt a young age, my father taught me if you fall, pick yourself back up. You only stay down if you don’t get up.

He bought me my first wheels, a pair of roller skates, and held my hand as I tried to find my balance. He still holds my hand when I feel out of kilter and will set me on the right course.  After Mom told him I scared her to death almost taking out every mailbox on our street,  he took me out and taught me how to drive, although parallel parking nearly killed us both.skate

The grandson of Russian immigrants, my dad wasn’t handed his dreams on a silver platter. He worked hard for them. He was the first in his family to attend college. He fell in love with my mom and fought against his family’s prejudice to secure a future with her. With my mom by his side, he went on to earn his PhD.

My dad taught me many things growing up. He taught me life isn’t always fair, but to do my best to be fair with others.  He taught me love conquers all, but it isn’t always easy. He taught me the value of a dollar, but that money isn’t happiness.

He taught me it’s wrong to judge a person by their color, religion, the clothes on their back, or the amount in their bank account. He taught me to find humor in life, but that it’s okay to cry. He didn’t put up with whining (and still doesn’t), but he will listen and offer advice when needed.  It’s not to say we didn’t have difficult times. We did. He’s human, I was a teenager, enough said. But I never doubted he loved me, and I’ve always known he’s proud of me. He was my first hero and remains so.

10342799_848511625206540_7901252929749415881_n_2_2He set the bar high when I started dating. My father and my husband are worlds apart in many respects. But they are a lot alike where it counts. In their values. In their ability to focus on a problem and remain calm under adversity. And they both love and put up with my crazy ass. I found my soul mate in my Devoted Hubby, and he’s an awesome Dad, too. My daughter and I are both “Daddy girls” and proud to be so. I’m a lucky girl to have these men in my life. I wouldn’t be where I am today without them. Happy Father’s Day to the two most important men in my life. I love you.