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What’s an angel to do when the girl he’s sent to save is hell-bent on ending her life?

Coming soon from Omnific Publishing, Saving Evangeline by Nancee Cain.






Heart of Dixie Romance Writers Annual Luncheon


Join us for the 18th Annual Heart of Dixie Romance Readers’ Luncheon on June 14, 2015 in Huntsville, AL
featuring New York Times Bestselling Author Sylvia Day!

This luncheon is a great way to meet and visit with favorite authors.
10:00 – Check-In Begins
10:50 -11:40 – Meet & Greet with the Authors
11:45 – 12:30 – Lunch
12:45 – 2:00 – Guest Speaker Sylvia Day, Door Prizes & Celebrations
2:00 – 3:00 – Charity Book Fair & Signing (Please limit outside books to 5)

Cost: $35. Attendees will receive a coupon good for $5 off a Book Fair
For those with E-Readers, please bring them to make onsite purchases of
select books!

Registration closes May 31st:

Author Spotlight: M.V. Freeman

I’m so excited to have M.V. Freeman return today to discuss her new upcoming release, Illumination. This is the second book in the The Hidden Races Series. Again, I have to say, this is another spectacular cover. Please give us a quick blurb about the book. Illumination_FINAL FRONT


Capricious and free-spirited, Mina Tepes is forever trying to intervene. Some would say she interferes. Her attempt to save a friend worsens a war already waging between her people, the Darks, and their reviled overlords, the Mages. Desperate, she turns to the man who saved her life as child–an enemy Mage named Xander.

As part of the ruling class, Xander Fjordson should never have taken notice of Mina, but even as boy, one look into her large dark eyes and he was lost. As an adult, involvement with her has ripped his world to shreds. Though the war she unintentionally instigated has made them enemies, when she comes to him bleeding and injured, he is unable to say no. He puts at risk what is left of his status and his family as he follows her, knowing in the end he’d have to betray her.

Together Xander and Mina begin to unravel terrible secrets as the war escalates. Soon Xander must choose: save his family or the woman who’s come to mean more to him than his own life.

This sounds darker than your last book. For those readers that have not read the first book, Incandescent, do they need to?

MVF: It is a series—so unfortunately it would be helpful. I also hope that I wrote it in such a way that you can read it without.

Tell us about this fantasy world you’ve created. There are Mages, Humans, Darks and Elementals. What special powers do each of these species (is that the right word?) have? And what are their weaknesses?

MVF: Let me make it short and sweet: 

  • Elementals: Control elements, the weather. Weakness: They need a balance
  • Mages: Their magic is strongest with illusion, transfiguration, telekinesis, teleportation, etc. Weakness: with each successive generation they get weaker.
  • Darks: Can walk in the night; their magic is similar to Mages, but darker and used more to assist them in their hunting. Weakness: Sunlight, and most are monsters.

What draws Xander to Mina and vice versa?

MVF: I love these two; Xander and Mina are drawn to each other—because they see each other as who they truly are. Xander is an artist—which Mina loves and encourages, she believes in him. Xander appreciates Mina’s capricious ways—and admires her free spirit. I love the balance of the two. To me this is Romeo and Juliet meets Underworld.

Who do you imagine playing them in the dream movie (or who was their inspiration?

MVF: This is why I love Pinterest! I have photos! But I see Xander played by Joseph Morgan, and Mina by Ashley Green. You can go here to see some of my inspiration:

Any particular songs on a playlist for this book?

MVF: The main song for this book is: A Familiar Taste of Poison by Halestorm. Of course, for your listening/watching pleasure I have a link to it.

How many books do you anticipate in the series?

MVF: Originally I planned three books—but there will be ultimately be four books in this series. The third one is tentatively named “Blood on Paper” which will continue the story featuring Lev Tepes –Mina’s brother and an Art thief as the hero. Rachel Sullivan is the reluctant witch and heroine. The fourth book will feature Stefan Tepes (Cazacul) and Nicki Monroe, currently I’m calling that book Iridescent; but I believe I am going to re-name it.

I can’t wait to read the entire series and wish you much success. Thank you for stopping by.

Thank you Nancee for having me on your blog! It is always a pleasure.

1364Author Bio: M.V. Freeman lives in North Alabama. A nurse by day, at night she enjoys creating and exploring alternate worlds within our own. She gravitates toward stories of determined heroines and anti-heroes who push the boundaries as they both fight to find their light in the dark.

M.V. is represented by Victoria Lea from The Aponte Literary Agency. Her award-winning and best-selling debut novel INCANDESCENT is the first in the Hidden Races Series. Currently she is working on the third book in the series, while plotting others. When not writing, she can be found reading, cooking, throwing around kettle bells, or making coffee.

You can find her on twitter: @MVFree

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My advice for new writers.


I’ve had a few people ask me how I got started writing. Quite frankly, I was bored with television. I was a young mom with a small child and a husband who worked 3-11. I had written angsty stories as a teenager, but decided to try my hand at romance writing, thinking  it would be easy. After all, I took English in high school and college. I read voraciously.


It isn’t easy and I had a LOT to learn. I dabbled for a few years, but real life interrupted and I had to return to work full time. Writing was shoved aside for over ten years until I found out a dear friend had published a romance novel. I was amazed and in awe. I timidly mentioned I had tried writing a few years back. She took me under her wing and helped me. I wouldn’t be sitting this close to being published without Jill Odom.

Next, I joined my local Romance Writers Of America chapter, Southern Magic. I was terrified and intimidated entering my first meeting. I mean there were AUTHORS there! (yeah, I know, DUH) But, authors are my rock stars. I’ve always loved reading. I had fangirled over many of these remarkable women at the annual Readers Luncheon. Why would they want me there? I didn’t belong. I wasn’t published, I didn’t even know where to begin.

I think this is a common fear for most new writers. We’re scared we don’t belong with “published” authors. We’re terrified of being humiliated. Let me tell you a little secret. Yes, pull in closer, I’m going to whisper this. Guess what?

Authors are readers, too.

Yep, that’s the big secret. Authors loved books way before they wrote one single word. We all started right where you are today.

So start by putting an idea down on paper. Will every single word remain? Nope. Will your first book be published? It happens, but not often. Some things you write will never see the light of day.

Here is my step by step advice.

1. Write. Every. Damn. Day. Even if it is just one sentence. Sentences become paragraphs. Paragraphs become pages. Pages become chapters. Chapters become books.

2. Do Nanowrimo when it comes around in November. If you are a plotter, start plotting now. If you’re a pantser like I am, well, just go for it when it rolls around. (although you might want to at least get an outline done) Nanowrimo is a community of like minded folks who want to write. They challenge you to complete 50,000 words in the month of November. It’s a great motivator. They even send you cheer-leading type emails to encourage you as you write. Plus, it gets you in the habit of writing every day.

3. Hook up with other writers. Join writer associations like Romance Writers of America. Friend them on Nanowrimo. Friend authors on social media. Most believe in paying it forward. We wouldn’t be here without the help of others.

4.  Ask questions, even if you think they are silly. I guarantee someone else has wondered the same thing.

5. Take classes. Community colleges. RWA classes, other writing venues. Most classes I’ve attended were reasonable or free.

6. Enter contests. I can’t stress this enough. Where else for $15-30 can you get professional critiques? I promise, asking your friends is nice, but usually not helpful. They are either so brutally honest you quit writing, or they fangirl over stuff they hate because they don’t want to hurt your feelings. Contests give you honest opinions from non-biased writers.

Does some of the critique hurt? Absolutely. I still have not re-visited the manuscript that got these comments. “I have to admit if this was anything but a contest entry I would not have read far into the story.” OUCH. I admit, I cried over that one. Here’s another. “I didn’t connect with the hero or heroine.” WHAT? HOW COULD YOU NOT LOVE MY BABIES?! *insert loud wailing and gnashing of teeth* And the parting comment: “I would have no interest in reading anymore.” Yep. More tears shed. (I plan to revisit this manuscript someday. I still love those characters. However, I won’t worry if it isn’t salvageable, not everything we write is.)

However, let me point out this was my first contest entry. It scored 49/100. What did I do after that critique? Did I hang up my “pen” so to speak? Hell, no. I  decided I’d prove to myself I could write. I took classes. I entered more contests. I found critique partners. I continued to WRITE. EVERY. DAMN. DAY.

Don’t worry if you enter a contest and get a bad score. Sure, it might feel like a failure, but it isn’t. Did you hear that? IT IS NOT A FAILURE. Because here’s the thing, the lower the score, generally, the better the critique.

The comments above? Did they hurt. Of course they did. Maybe she could have phrased things a little “nicer.” But, the judge explained why she didn’t like my entry. At various points she showed me where/how to improve it. The judges that just give 5/5 or 4/5 on everything, rarely make comments. To me, while it is flattering, it isn’t helpful. I WANT and NEED the explanations and advice. That’s how I learn.

Enter contests. I promise, your writing will improve. I kept at it. (See the picture above, those are all contest entries from 2013-2014) My scores improved, but usually I’d score high with two judges and bomb with one. I finally decided it wasn’t too bad, I meant two out of three people liked my stories! And again, the judge that hated it gave the best critique. Judges are not the enemy. Most of them are writers. They know what you’re going through and they want you to improve. So learn from them.

And yes, I finally placed and won in a category. My husband swears his hearing problems are the result of my scream of excitement. Did the final judge (who are usually editors and agents) ask for it? No… but someone else did.

Saving Evangeline will be published next month with Omnific Publishing!

Hang in there. Dreams do come true, as long as you work for it.