The Calm Before the Storm


It’s done. Saving Evangeline now resides with the copy editor. It’s been quite a ride, full of joy, tears, hair pulling and voracious use of four-letter words. It’s been both difficult and rewarding at the same time. And now, after almost a year of daily, hard work, I find myself anxious and uncertain. It feels like that eerie calm before a storm. I’ve worked on my brand. I have a newsletter I’ll be sending out soon. (If you are so inclined, you may sign up here: ) I have someone working on a brand logo for me (thank you Shannon) and Mallory is rescuing my pitiful website. I even have a street team in the works. They say I’ll have a cover soon. But the question remains…now what?

I wait.


If anyone knows me in real life, this is the hard part. I’m not a patient person and have some OCD tendencies. I want everything done yesterday. I’m worried I should have done more to the manuscript. I’m worried I’ll do something wrong in publicity. I’m worried I’ll be a failure. Pacing the kitchen, I expressed my frustration to my DH. He’s a patient, wise man and my rock.

He shook his head and chuckled. “Sit back and be still for one damn minute. Look at everything you’ve accomplished since you went to that convention last year. (Romantic Times 2014.) You’ve worked hard, and your book will be published sometime this summer. Enjoy the time off and quit worrying about shit that will work itself out.”

“But what if everyone hates my book? I put so much of myself into it.”

“Then what’s not to love?”

And that, folks. Is why I married him.

And so, I’m going to sit on my front porch and appreciate the scenery around me and contemplate on just how lucky I am.