Serendipity and signs

As I posted earlier, I’m in the midst of edits for my upcoming book, Saving Evangeline. It’s a paranormal romance that involves angels. Having a touch (okay a LOT) of OCD tendencies, I struggle with over thinking things. Even though the manuscript is now back in the hands of my editor, I woke up this morning having doubts. Did I add too much? Did I cut enough? Is it tighter? Is it too angsty? Or too slapstick in parts? It’s like sending your child to school for the first time. You want others to like it. You want it to fit in, yet be different. So as I’m driving to the evil day job, I round the corner and look up. We all need to do that more. Stop and look up, not down, nor behind us or even in front of us. Look up. This is what I saw. Thank you.angelcloud